Saturday, November 30, 2013

Check Out Renogy Holiday Deals!

Does the sound of Christmas music (over and over) make you cringe? Hate shopping in the mall with all the crowds? You don't have to suffer this holiday season! Renogy-Store has a large range of gifts that are perfect for anyone on your shopping list! From rechargeable bluetooth speakers to 14w watt solar panels, nobody will be left out in the cold this season. Shop at home 24/7 at, or stop by the Renogy warehouse to purchase your gifts! Our prices are reasonable and the quality is unbeatable. Renogy carries solar power panels for boats, RVs, homes, cabins, and even campgrounds. Solar PV panel prices start at only $99, and Basic Kits start at only $126.99! We would love to be part of your holiday season.

Monday, November 25, 2013

New Products Available at Renogy-Store

Everyone likes a new gadget- it may be a tablet, smartphone, or some other highly anticipated new product. Renogy has been selling solar panels and solar panel kits, but they are expanding their store inventory to include smaller, more unique items for customers who may not be interested in solar at the moment. In this regard, Renogy-Store can reach out to a whole new market segment! New items include smaller electronics such as wireless, rechargeable Bluetooth speakers and charging devices for cell phones. Other new items include various camping gear, such as stainless steel water bottles. Each product is crafted according to Renogy’s highest quality standards. Stop by Renogy-Store and take a look at all of the new items available this month!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Customer Shares His Solar Project

Customers around the world are using their Renogy Solar Panels to become less dependent on the power grid and more dependent on the sun. These solar project photos were submitted by a Renogy customer. He set up his system on the top of a home, with the panels mounted on an angle to face the sun.  Mounting the panels on an angle allows the solar panels to collect the maximum amount of sunlight possible during peak hours. He was also kind enough to share photos of the wiring. Please take a peek at the photos below. Thank you for sharing!

On the Rooftop

Side Mount View

Junction Boxes/Wiring

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What Are Product Listing Ads?

Product listing ads are basically websites that online vendors, such as Renogy, use to advertise their products that are for sale on an external webpage. Websites that are specifically for product listing ads allow visitors (potential customers) to instantly compare prices on several different versions/brands of the same product. This is greatly advantageous for online sellers that have many big ticket items, such as home improvement products, tools, jewelry, or even expensive electronics. As a seller of solar panels, product listing ads help Renogy generate sales from a larger pool of customers. Right now, a potential customer can instantly compare prices of Renogy vs. Competitor products on Google Shopping, Yahoo! Shopping, Pricegrabber, Become, Pronto, Shopzilla, Bizrate, Amazon Ads and many more. So if you have your doubts that Renogy is not competitively priced, we would like you to see for yourself. Check us out on one of these sites!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Renogy-Store Updates

Before you know it, the holiday season will be here again! Renogy is getting ready for this busy season with special discounts, offers, and a store website makeover! Stay up to date on new store developments by “liking” our Facebook page. Facebook fans will get the scoop on all of the exciting details coming in mid to late November. The new store site is expected to launch in the middle of the month and will feature easy to navigate pages, more product choices, better graphics, and much more. In late November, Renogy will also be adding some new products to their inventory. If you would like to join the company’s special offer e-mail list, please do so by going into, and clicking “Join My List” in the apps section. Please stay in touch!