Friday, May 12, 2017

Where to Purchase Renogy Products

If you’ve been researching solar panels, you’ve surely stumbled upon Renogy Solar. Renogy has been in business since 2010, when the company CEO, Dr. Li, began selling solar panels on Amazon and Ebay. We’ve come a long way since the Ebay days, but as our business grew, so did the number of secondhand sellers. While many of these sellers may be approved retailers, it is difficult to know for sure. With all the different vendor options available, you may want to learn where Renogy maintains seller accounts.

To date, Renogy still sells on Amazon and Ebay, but has expanded sales into its own online store (, showroom, and several other online retailers. On Amazon, the Renogy seller account is simply “Renogy.” We sell a variety of solar panels, kits, and accessories on Amazon, many the same items available at On Ebay, Renogy’s seller account is renogysolar. After launching the online store website, originally, we started listing and selling products on a number of lesser-known “marketplace” websites including, Newegg, and Sears. When Walmart started opening its website to third party retailers, Renogy began placing listings on that website as well. However, Walmart has since begun selling Renogy Solar Panels directly.

 Most recently, Renogy started placing product listings on If you start your internet search for Renogy products, it wouldn’t be unusual to find a number of third party, unrelated sellers advertising products. To avoid purchasing a potentially defective or counterfeit product, you should attempt to verify that the seller is an authorized retailer. If you purchase a defective or counterfeit product from an unrelated third party that is unauthorized, Renogy may refuse to replace or fix the product. If you live close enough to our Ontario, California office, you can also stop by the showroom to test the products and purchase in-person. Happy shopping!