Friday, August 15, 2014


Updated Charge Controllers at Renogy
 If you haven't heard the news yet, one of the latest updates in our Renogy store is our ViewStar charge controllers. We now offer 20 Amp and 30 Amp PWM (pulse width modulation) Viewstar charge controllers. These items are sold individually in our store and now also come ready in our RV kits and portable Solar Suitcases. 

Quick Review:
1. What is a charge controller?
 A charge controller regulates the voltage to your batteries during the charging process. It prevents your batteries from overcharging and sending too much charge to your inverter.

2. Do I need one? How does it work?
YES! Charge Controllers are an essential part of almost all power systems. Whether your power source is Solar (PV System), wind, or fuel your charge controller is meant to keep your batteries properly fed and safe for optimal long term use.  

3. So what’s the difference? 

Previous Model: Renogy 30 Amp PWM (LCD Display)
     -Ground: Positive Ground System 
·         -Supported Battery Types: Sealed (AGM) and flooded
·         -Auto Recognition for charging battery voltage
·         -Intelligent PWM charging mode
·         -Local temperature compensation
·         -Settable working modes of loads
·        -Overloading & short-circuit protection for your battery
·         -Basic battery reversed protection
·         -Detects delayed auto restart after overloading protection
·         -Protection for battery low voltage
·         -Protection for battery backfeed discharging
·         -Single Timer: option set for after dusk

Current Updated Model: View STAR 30 Amp PWM
·         -Ground: Negative Ground System
    *assures capability RV kits and all other negative ground systems
·         -Supported Battery Types: Gel, sealed (AGM), and flooded (supports extra battery life)
·         -Auto Recognition -Nominal System Voltage: 12VDC/24VDC 
·         -Excellent EMC design; high efficient PWM charging
·         -Temperature compensation with RTS- reads accurate charging voltage of parameters automatically;                   improving battery lifetime
·         -Full control of parameter setting; charging parameters can be adjusted to your liking
·         -Electronic protection from: Overcharging, over-discharging, overload, and short circuit
·         -Dot-matrix LCD screen with backlit and HMI (human-machine interface)
·         -Maximum Reverse protection: Wont power your system unless it is set up properly, granting protection             to all system components
·         -Unique dual timer function for day and night enhances the flexibility lighting systems
·         -Optional remote temperature sensor connection

 Hope this Helps!
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