Sunday, June 29, 2014

Taking Solar to New Places

Since the first modern solar cells came about in the 1950s, people have been constantly looking to expand product options, harness the newest technology, and create the most cost effective solar energy solutions. In the many years between 1950 and 2010, most solar products were bulky, heavy, and susceptible to easy shattering and cracking. In other words, the vast majority of panels were designed for installation by electricians or construction workers, and not by ordinary people. Fast forward to the last ten years or so, and you will find that panels have become lighter, stronger, and designed for increased portability as more people have conceptualized the benefits of using solar energy for new purposes.

Renogy is making efforts to keep up with the new demands presented by customers looking to take their panels to different places and/or use them for different purposes. To demonstrate their commitment to provide cost effective, alternative solar products, Renogy designed the 60W and 100W Solar Suitcase. After several years of customers calling in, asking for smaller, more portable panels for camping and RV traveling, Renogy decided to combine their highly efficient monocrystalline solar cells with a lighter space saving design. What they discovered is that solar power and portability can be utilized together to create a highly efficient battery-charging device.

Even more convenient is the fact that the 60W and 100W Solar Suitcases come with a built-in 10 amp charge controller with full parameter control for a wider range of use. The charge controller also keeps the connected battery from becoming overcharged or discharged with prolonged use. The 10amp charge controller comes with an LCD display and a four level monitoring system that is perfect for helping new solar users monitor and learn about their panels. The solar cells found in the portable suitcase are German made, designed with the highest quality silicon wafers to provide an excellent charge. The panels themselves are small and can be folded in half to create a relatively small carrying suitcase, 13.6x25.4x2.8 inches for the 60W Suitcase and 19.88x27.17x2.36 inches for the 100W Suitcase. The back of each folded panel includes stands for proper positioning under direct sunlight, even if the panel has to be placed on a flat rooftop or the ground. All of the aforementioned features allow users to take their solar panels to new places without having to worry about how much space they consume, whether they will be too heavy, and the dangers of exposed glass coming into contact with sharp objects. Customers who purchase these panels can rest assured that they have purchased a quality product as Renogy guarantees a 25 year power output and 5 year workmanship warranty.

The uses for a 60W or 100W Solar Suitcase are almost endless. These panels can be stored without taking up too much space in an RV or even smaller vehicle, and toted to a destination for battery charging. Alternatively, the panel can be unfolded and tilted on a boat deck for battery charging on the water.  The crocodile clips included in the product package make it easy to connect the panel directly to a battery. Stop depending on a gas powered generator and discover the many uses for a 60W or 100W Solar Suitcase at

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Father's Day Promotions

Dad has stood by you through thick and thin, the good times and the bad. Show dad you care by giving him a gift that lasts and gives back for years! Whether he is an outdoorsman or a stay at home kind of guy, solar panels are useful and will prove to be a good investment. Renogy Solar Panels are designed to work efficiently for 25 years and feature a 25 year performance warranty as a guarantee to that claim. Renogy brand Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline solar cells are composed of high quality silicon, ensuring high efficiency and power output for each panel. EVA Film composed of 30-33% VA assures high transmission, strong adhesion, and long term performance. Each panel frame is composed of lightweight aluminum alloy material to keep the total panel weight low for easier mounting and transportation. Panels used off the grid are designed to recharge deep cycle lead acid batteries that can power electronic devices and/or provide a back-up power source in case of an emergency. Panels used on grid are connected and used in conjunction with the utility company's grid to reduce home electric bills and power appliances. Some of the best Renogy-Store promotions of the year will be available next weekend, so check your inbox for some great offers!