Thursday, December 15, 2016

Holiday Gift Alert: Stocking Stuffers Bundle

Give your friends and family the gift of convenience and peace of mind without ever stepping foot in a department store! This year, Renogy is offering a great package which allows you to check off four recipients on your list! The Stocking Stuffer 2.0 package includes two E.FLEX10 Portable Solar Panels and two E-GO 10000mAH Portable Batteries. While these products regularly retail for $158.00, Renogy is offering a great sale of only $108, for a limited time only. The E.FLEX Panels allow for the charging of small electronic devices anywhere there is open sun. The E-GO 10000mAH Portable Batteries provide back up power for small electronics in case of an emergency or while on the go. The E.FLEX10 and E-GO 10000 can connect to any USB device. For more information on these great products, visit