Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Renogy is on Rakuten Marketplace

Renogy launched a Rakuten online store within the past few weeks. Rakuten is an online marketplace where vendors place items for sale to the public. Customers do not bid on items, but rather, they simply place orders at a stated price. Right now, only part of the total Renogy inventory is listed on Rakuten, but in the next few weeks, Renogy plans on listing their entire store inventory. Hopefully, this new sales channel will increase product exposure to new customers and in turn help Renogy increase sales. Visit to see what is listed and be on the lookout for special deals!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Temporary Markdowns at Renogy-Store

Renogy has been adding lots of new products to their growing online store inventory, and this week they are offering some special deals. A few of the Renogy E-Shop Products have been marked down temporarily to make room for new inventory. These markdowns include the E-Flex 7w Foldable Solar Panel, and the Renogy Solar Bundle, which includes the E-GO 10,000mAH Portable Battery Charger and the E-Flex 7w Foldable Solar Panel. Stop by Renogy-Store this week to take advantage of some exceptional savings!

Friday, September 20, 2013

This Weekend: Sand Sports Super Show

This Friday (today), Saturday, and Sunday, RNG Group Inc., better known as “Renogy” will be attending the 15th annual Sand Sports Super Show in Costa Mesa, California. Costa Mesa is located in popular Orange County, CA. Attending this trade show will be several popular vendors and companies from across the US that sell, manufacture, distribute, or provide services for the racing and RV industry. Other kinds of exhibitors include sports magazines and other media companies. Renogy decided to attend this trade show because of their growing involvement in the RV solar market. Admission to this trade show is $15 plus a possible parking fee. This expo is said to be biggest- and most exciting dune and dirt sport expo in the world. Renogy would love to see you at the show!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Why Choose a Renogy RV Kit?

Renogy-Store now carries several convenient RV Solar Panel Kits. These kits include all of the essential components necessary to install a solar energy system on an RV. Included in these kits are Renogy 100w Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panels, a popular customer favorite. The kits also come with a 40ft MC4 Adapter Kit, perfect for mounting solar panels on a rooftop without any worries that the wiring will be too short. This kit is also different from other Renogy Solar Kits because it comes with the new 30A Amp LCD Display Charge Controller, which is easier to use and features an interactive display. You can choose to mount the solar panels on the top of your RV with the mounting Z Brackets included in the kit, or you can store the panels and bring them outside when you park your RV. In any event, Renogy is here to make your next off-grid adventure much more enjoyable. View the product Here

Ways to Use Renogy in an RV

Renogy LED Light Strips

Renogy LED Multicolored Light Strips have an adhesive 3M backing and can be used to accent any RV interior! This innovative LED strip features a small remote that can change the light strip several different colors on a whim. Place the adhesive LED strip underneath a countertop and watch the room go from boring to beautiful or place the LED strip underneath a bedframe to avoid tripping at night! While this kind of LED strip is not designed to decorate the exterior of an RV, it can be temporarily clipped on an awning for a spectacular summer night decoration.

Renogy Solar Motion Detecting LED Light (Mountable)

If you've ever gone to open a shed or walk up outdoor steps at night and have been the victim of a minor fall or other safety mistake, look no further. This solar powered, motion detecting LED light can help keep you safe! During daylight hours, the battery within the light recharges on solar energy. At night, if the sensor detects motion nearby, the light turns on! Avoid a clumsy mistake in the dark with this great Renogy product!

Renogy LED Light Bulbs

Renogy LED Light Bulbs are just like your favorite incandescent bulbs- but more ef´Čücient! LED light bulbs provide an innovative thermal solution system and cutting edge proprietary driving system. Perfect for providing light at home, these bulbs emit little heat and last for years without maintenance. These bulbs also will not emit UV or IR rays. If you think that LED light bulbs cost too much, just imagine the time and money you will save in replacing incandescent light bulbs!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Foldable Solar: Your New Favorite Solar

You’ve seen compact solar panels; Renogy has a 7w watt compact solar panel for charging cell phones, iPhones, and other mobile phones at Renogy-Store. Although this may have sparked your interest, just think about a solid, foldable, lightweight solar panel, 35W watts to be more precise. Could this be true? Of course- and Renogy now has one of their own available at their online store. The 35W Watts Renogy Foldable Solar Panel is just what you need for charging a 12v or 24v battery on the go. The 35watt foldable panel can be folded in half for easy carrying (a handle is located on the top).  To make setting up the panel easier, located on the back of the panel are small stands (legs) which allow you to angle the panel toward the sun for maximum efficiency. Also included in this product package are alligator clamps to allow for battery charging. Pair this item with a 12v or 24v battery and solar flashlights and you are prepared for an emergency. Purchase one today and learn more at!

Common applications for this kind of solar panel are:

(1) Off-Grid Camping; (2) Off-Grid RV Adventures; (3) Hiking; (4) Vehicle Emergencies; (5) Weather Emergencies and Power Outages; (6) A Day Outdoors. Pair this item with a 12v or 24v battery and solar flashlights and you are prepared for an emergency. Purchase one today and learn more at!