Friday, January 24, 2014

Renogy Facebook Contests

Admittedly, we all like free stuff- especially the kind that we find useful in our daily lives. Did your cell phone run out of battery charge? Is your tablet about to turn off? You wouldn't be worried about these things happening with a Renogy Portable Battery Charger. The Renogy 10000mAH Portable External Battery Charger can hold up to 5 full cell phone charges and the Renogy 2200mAH Portable External Battery Charger can hold 1 full cell phone charge. Renogy will be holding a giveaway contest on their facebook page: through February 24th, 2014. Enter for your chance to win one free portable battery charger! Signing up only takes a few moments- well worth the time if you win. Please see the giveaway facebook app for more details.

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