Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Renogy Next Generation: Phoenix Generator

Here at Renogy we’re all about making your life more convenient through renewable energy. In the past, we’ve been best known for our extensive selection of  affordable on-grid and off-grid solar panels. Throughout the years, we have learned that many of our customers, particularly the off-grid community, rely on portable gas powered generators in conjunction with solar panels. Although solar is still a big part of our business, we wanted to introduce a wider range of battery and generator products, many of which can be charged with Renogy solar panels. In early 2015, the marketing and engineering departments came up with the idea of introducing a unique, fuel-free generator to the store inventory. By late 2015, Renogy had put together a plan to produce two unique generators that would be introduced in 2016: the Lycan Powerbox and the Phoenix Generator.

The Lycan Powerbox hit the market a few weeks before the Phoenix Generator, and both have been a success. Although the spotlight has been focused on the Lycan Powerbox, the Phoenix Generator is also a portable generator, suitable for off-grid travel, power outages, and emergencies. Unlike the Lycan, the Phoenix is a solar generator and includes two built in 10W solar panels. The Phoenix can be expanded up to 120W, if the customer chooses to add a separate 100W Monocrystalline or Polycrystalline Solar Panel to his/her system. Like the Lycan, the included 16Ah Li-ion (NMC) battery is fully replaceable, giving the capability of limitless power. The Phoenix battery may be charged by the built in solar panels or via traditional power outlet or car charging socket. If the customer expects to be traveling to remote locations and cannot wait for the solar panels to recharge the battery, it would be ideal to pack a fully charged back up.

If the above features haven’t caught your attention, the Phoenix also has an attached 3W LED work flashlight, which can be especially useful during a power outage or unforeseen car repairs after sunset. To ensure that the 10W panels are providing the most efficient charge to the battery, the Phoenix has a built in MPPT charge controller and pure sine wave inverter. If you’re familiar with Renogy MPPT Charge Controllers, they have a 99.9% tracking efficiency! The Phoenix folds into a suitcase with a carrying handle and weighs in at 12.78lbs. Since this product can be charged conventionally or with solar, it doesn’t make any noise or generate fumes.

In sum, if you’re looking for an affordable, clean, and trustworthy generator, the Phoenix is just what you need. The Phoenix currently retails at $699.99 on, but is only available for pre-order at this time.  If you’d like to pre-order a Phoenix or just learn more about the product, please visit

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