Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ways to Use Renogy in an RV

Renogy LED Light Strips

Renogy LED Multicolored Light Strips have an adhesive 3M backing and can be used to accent any RV interior! This innovative LED strip features a small remote that can change the light strip several different colors on a whim. Place the adhesive LED strip underneath a countertop and watch the room go from boring to beautiful or place the LED strip underneath a bedframe to avoid tripping at night! While this kind of LED strip is not designed to decorate the exterior of an RV, it can be temporarily clipped on an awning for a spectacular summer night decoration.

Renogy Solar Motion Detecting LED Light (Mountable)

If you've ever gone to open a shed or walk up outdoor steps at night and have been the victim of a minor fall or other safety mistake, look no further. This solar powered, motion detecting LED light can help keep you safe! During daylight hours, the battery within the light recharges on solar energy. At night, if the sensor detects motion nearby, the light turns on! Avoid a clumsy mistake in the dark with this great Renogy product!

Renogy LED Light Bulbs

Renogy LED Light Bulbs are just like your favorite incandescent bulbs- but more ef´Čücient! LED light bulbs provide an innovative thermal solution system and cutting edge proprietary driving system. Perfect for providing light at home, these bulbs emit little heat and last for years without maintenance. These bulbs also will not emit UV or IR rays. If you think that LED light bulbs cost too much, just imagine the time and money you will save in replacing incandescent light bulbs!


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