Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Do More with your Flashlight: Introducing the Renogy E.LUMEN Multi-functional Flashlight

When you imagine a typical flashlight, its unlikely that you think it can do anything more than provide a mediocre stream of light. Let’s be honest, that stream of light is hardly mediocre if the flashlight needs a battery change. But what if we told you that Renogy carries a flashlight that not only provides a bright source of light, but can also help you shatter glass and cut through a seatbelt in the event of the emergency? Even better, what if that flashlight can recharge via 3W built-in solar panels? Sure, this multi-use flashlight seems too good to be true, but Renogy has it in stock, just in time for the holiday season.

Crafted with lightweight aluminum, the Renogy E.LUMEN Multi-Functional Flashlight weighs a mere .68lbs, meaning that you’ll be able to carry it anytime, anywhere. Measuring in at 7.83 inches, the E.LUMEN can easily fit into a glove box, safety kit, or purse for easy stow-and-go. As mentioned above, the E.LUMEN has a blade capable of cutting through a seatbelt and a small hammer that is capable of breaking glass, both of which are particularly important in driving related emergencies. If the hammer and blade aren’t enough to catch your interest, the E.LUMEN also has a built-in compass, perfect for those times when you wander off the beaten path. Since the E.LUMEN comes with a USB charging cable, it can also be via portable battery. This not-so-typical flashlight can hold up to 7 hours of power, making it suitable for many different applications.

Next time you think of a flashlight, think of the Renogy E.LUMEN. With several different features unavailable on an ordinary flashlight, it is the only one you’ll need during an emergency. Retailing at $24.99 on, this handy flashlight is a perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season. Purchase yours at .


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