Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Introducing the Renogy Toolbox

So you’ve purchased a new solar kit from Renogy.com, fumbled through all of the components, and before long, you’re wondering how to properly put everything together. We’ve all been there, from assembling toys to furniture, it always seems like the manufacturer makes it hard for you to put things together. At Renogy, we understand your frustrations and we’re determined to make your life easier. Recently, Renogy released the new Multi-Purpose Toolbox, the perfect companion product for any solar kit purchased at Renogy.com.

All Renogy Off-Grid Solar Kits, at a minimum, come with solar panels, MC4 Adapter Kit, a charge controller, tray cables, and mounting brackets. None of the Kits come with any extra tools or hardware for installation. That’s where the Multi-Purpose Toolbox comes in handy. The Toolbox includes the following components: one digital multi-meter, one wire stripper, one crimper, two screw drivers, a set of MC4 tools, and five pairs of MC4 male/female connectors. Each of the components in the Toolbox is important for the proper and safe installation of an Off-Grid Solar Kit. Below are brief descriptions of what each component is used for:

Philips Screwdrivers and Flathead Screwdriver: The screwdriver is a tool that can be found in any standard toolbox. Used for removing or inserting screws, the screwdriver is a common staple in American homes. The screwdrivers can come in handy when installing or removing solar panels from a rooftop or ground mount. The Z-Brackets, included with all Off-Grid Kits, contain small holes for screws to pass through for mounting.

Crimper and Stripper: The crimper and wire stripper are essential tools when repairing MC4 connectors or creating new MC4 wires. These tools can be used to strip the wire and then crimp the MC4 head to the top.

Digital Multimeter: a multimeter is a device that can measure resistance, voltage, and current. The handheld multimeter included in the Toobox is essential for performing an open circuit voltage and short circuit current test. This tool can help troubleshoot electrical issues within the solar power system.

MC4 Connectors: Each Adapter Kit includes MC4 connectors on the end of each wire. The MC4 Connectors are essential for connecting an array of solar panels, as well as connecting the panels to the charge controller. In the event that any of the MC4 Connectors are damaged, the Toolbox includes extra pieces so they can quickly and easily be repaired. Note that once the male-female sides of the MC4 Connectors have been attached, they are very difficult to separate.

MC4 Tool: The MC4 Tool is made of hard plastic and is designed to assist in disconnecting MC4 Connectors. Since the connection is so tight, they are difficult to properly disconnect without a tool. Improper disconnection may result in damage.

The Multi-Purpose Toolbox is an item that you can be sure to use while installing a Renogy Off-Grid Solar Kit. All of the tools included in the Kit can be also be used for completing other electrical projects. For a limited time, Renogy is offering the Multi-Purpose Toolbox for $59.99, regularly priced $99.99. This sale lasts from 10/27/2016-11/2/2016. Get yours before its too late! For more information about this product or the sale, visit: https://www.renogy.com/renogy-multi-purposetool-box/


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