Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Charge Controllers: The Newest Addition to Renogy-Store

Charge controllers can be described in many ways. Some of these descriptions may include the words confusing, expensive, or difficult. Renogy knows that using a new charge controller can be all of these things, especially if you are a first time user, installing solar panels on your home or RV. Since the launch of, Renogy has carried the 10amp PWM Charge Controller and the 30amp PWM Charge Controller, perfect for use with 100w to 250w solar panels. Renogy wanted to expand their selection of available charge controllers, and they did just that by introducing the MPPT 40amp Charge Controller, MPPT 20amp Charge Controller, and the 30amp PWM Charge Controller with LCD Display.

The MPPT 40amp and 20amp Charge Controllers utilize Maximum Power Point Tracking Technology, ensuring high peak conversion efficiency at 97% and high tracking efficiency at 99%. These charge controllers are offered with a 1 year warranty and are sure to be a great addition to any DIY solar project. The 30amp PWM Charge Controller with LCD Display has the same features as the original 30amp PWM Charge Controller, but also offers an LCD display screen to help guide its use. Overall, Renogy hopes that these new store additions will make it easier for customers to start a solar panel system.  

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