Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Solar Panel Charger for Small Electronics + E-Go Battery Charger

Have you ever had that experience where you quickly grab your cell phone, leave the house, get to the airport, and then realize that your cell phone has no charge? Or what about those times when you plan a great hiking trip, arrive in the woods, and then find your cell phone battery nearly drained? These mistakes have happened or will happen to nearly everyone who uses a cell phone. Renogy thought about this problem and decided to carry a product that would help eliminate this unpleasant experience. Starting today, August 14th, Renogy-Store has made available for pre-order the E-Go Battery Charger and Solar Panel for Small Electronic Devices. The E-Go is a 10,000 mAH external battery charger that can store 4-5 cell phone charges at once. The E-GO will come equipped with a micro USB cable that can be connected to an AC/DC USB Adapter. Four LED lights on the charger will light up when moved, indicating when the device has a full charge.

The portable, compact, and lightweight 7 Watt Solar Panel for Small Electronic Devices is another great way to charge a small electronic device on the go. The small panel neatly folds into a compact square and can fit inside of a backpack or glove compartment. Extending out of the back of the small panel is a USB port, where an electronic device can be attached for charging. Just unfold the panel in the sunlight, wait a few hours, and your small electronic device will be charged and ready to use. The USB cable will be sold separately. This Solar Panel for Small Electronic Devices is perfect for emergencies and remote camping and hiking trips.

Order yours today! For a limited time and while supplies last, if you pre-order these items you will receive a free gift!

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