Friday, August 30, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is the first Monday of September. School children think of this day as a free day away from school, the teachers, and the beginning of an ever-flowing amount of homework and school tasks. Many adults find the same comfort in Labor Day- that is, a day away from the work environment and a long weekend to spend with family and friends before the crisp breeze of fall blows in. What I remember most about Labor Day was that the pools were closing for the summer, homework was getting heavier, and the air was becoming cooler. Admittedly, I never really knew what Labor Day was about, at least not in any kind of historical context. So, this morning I decided to really “discover” what Labor Day actually is.

Labor Day came about as a day of dedication and remembrance to the bygone days of the American labor movements and the great achievements of American workers. While it is relatively unknown who actually proposed this great day, its purpose is far from. Labor Day is a day for reflection on the contributions by great American workers, past and present, who continue to make the United States a flourishing nation. Well, that is certainly something to think about!

So, this weekend, go out and enjoy that extra day off. Spend the weekend at the pool, camping, or at the lake before the cool days of fall take you by surprise. Like many other stores, Renogy is offering a sale, 5% off of a purchase at with a special coupon code. If you haven’t signed up, visit and “join our list” on the top right of the page.

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